100% from R-PET

In fact, we don't only used the PET bottles, but also uses the wasted PET fabric to make the r-PET zipper.

MAP ZIPPER包含了2家拉鍊公司,分別是於1990年成立的育揚有限公司,及之後於1997年再擴充產品線成立弘采拉鍊有限公司.並於2004年遷址於新莊現址的廠房.

MAP ZIPPER發現拉鍊除了開合結合的功能之外還有許多可以結合的功能,因此於2007年成立研發單位,陸續開發完成了阻燃拉鍊.防水拉鍊.夜光拉鍊.鞋用拉鍊.單一材質拉鍊.抗菌拉鍊…等等,重視客戶的需求.


MAP ZIPPER combines two zipper companies. We established YuehYann Co., Ltd. in 1990, and then expanded the product line to establish Homer Zipper Co., Ltd. in 1997.  In 2004, it moved to the current factory in SinJhuang.

MAP ZIPPER found that the zipper has many functions that can be combined in addition to the function of opening and closing, so we established a R/D unit in 2007, and successively developed and completed the flame-retardant zipper, waterproof zipper, luminous zipper, shoes zipper, and single-material zipper, Antibacterial zipper...etc.  We look forward to meet your need.